Sunday, October 29, 2017

One finish (actually 2, but the second will be a later entry)

set a goal for the 2017 Finish-Along 4th Quarter to finish 5 things, 2 are done.  Today, I'll share a little more about my quilt called "Alphabet Fun"; you can see my list of 4th quarter projects for the 2017FALQ4 here.

This is the second version of this quilt.  I simply loved the colors and the animals that were depicted in the panels.  This was a little simpler and someone bought it at Rising Star Quilters Show, earlier this month.

I decided to stipple quilt.  It wasn't really for anyone special and I knew that it would get done quickly, that way.  It was good practice and on the whole I was pleased with it.  Maybe it was a little more quilting than I normally do, but it made me happy.  

Here's the label.  I no longer live in Somerville, but the house wasn't yet sold, so it is one of the last quilts that will say Somerville on them. The other
secret to getting this done quickly is to have binding on hand!  I keep some black binding available for quick quilts and I do bind a few in black every year.  

Have to post this picture.  Percy is always helpful when you are trying to get a shot.  

I am not so sure how the end of the year will go, but here are some of my goals.  

2017FAL4Q List:  3 to go!!!!
1. Free Fall Quilt Along 
2.  Alphabet Quilt
3.  Sew Together bags
4.  Petal Play Loon 
5.  Organized sewing room

All people quilt UFOs   (so 7 out of 12 are done!!)
1.  Grey batik flying geese
2.  Petal Play Loon
3.  Raw Edge Tree Runner
4.  Row by Row #3 (is this for real, one more??)
5.  Sew Together Bags

Next up - Free Fall QAL finish


  1. That's a great looking panel, and well done finishing it off! (I also like black bindings.)

    1. Thanks, Nicole. It does feel good to finish and to blog!

  2. That is a particularly lovely panel, and I like what you did with it!

    1. Thanks, Emily. It was a really lovely alphabet. Who wouldn't want a narwhal on their quilt?

  3. Two done for the 4th quarter already. You are off to a great start. What a fun panel and finish!

    1. I'm pleased. No power in Maine today, so handsewing or knitting will be my work of choice!

  4. Binding in black has never occurred to me. I'll have to keep that in mind. Love how your quilt turned out. Percy is adorbs!!!

  5. What a cute panel! Lovely quilting too! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2017 global FAL hosts.


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