Monday, April 24, 2017

#FreeFallQAL Part 3

I finished this piece a bit ahead of schedule!!!!

It is fun to see this come together.  I chain stitched a whole bunch of the segments together, which helped the assembly go much quicker.  Here is one part of the chain!  The first picture is of the pile on my desk, waiting to be sewn.  The second is the chain of that pile hanging on the door in my study!

I thought that was pretty entertaining.  On the whole, I  have figured out that having a system of organization for this is making me much happier.  Many patterns have pictures of the units, and while I don't really need them, I had to come to some easier way of putting this block together.

1.  Mark and make the half square units.
2.  Pin all the pieces that can be sewn next (one flying geese unit, 3 half square-rectangle units, one half square /square unit), so that the pin is on the side to be sewn (saves pieces getting turned and piecing on the wrong side).
3.  Sew and Press
4.  Pin next set of sections, sew and press.
5.  Continue until the top and bottom half of the block is together
6.  Sew the block together

So much happier putting this group together!!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

A finished table runner from scraps!

I finished this table runner (at least I think so) and I am so happy. It was from some leftover flying geese which I  made for another quilt.

Like most of the time, I quilted this on my Bernina 440QE.  I mostly used my walking foot but also my ruler foot for a very small piece.   As I worked, I found it was easier to do each side of a "goose" rather than twist around each one.  Here's a picture of the back.  

I am finding more and more I love my "in the ditch"  quilting foot.  Its a new plate for my Bernina 440Q walking foot.   Also, it made it easy to go around the edge of the quilt with stitches by moving the needle a few "dots" either left or right of center. 

But I still wanted to do some  ruler work on  the inside of the stars.  It was so much easier than marking it!  I'm glad I did it.  Speaking of marking, I wasn't sure about doing the shadow geese in the solid fabric, but I finally did it and am glad that I did.    I think it help completes the table runner.

This pattern was adapted from "Elegant Runner" by Terry Albers in Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts, Fall 2012.   I saved it knowing I had these flying geese to use up.

Another UFO finished for 2017!

Friday, April 14, 2017

#FreeFallQAL Link Up #2

I finished the first 8 blocks for my FreeFall QAL!

I love the way they are turning out.  These are leftover scraps form at least one bed quilt and a few fat quarters that were stashed some time ago.

However, I was not paying attention...and here are a list of the errors of my ways:
  1. made 2 sets of flying geese (only needed one),
  2. didn't trim my half square triangles,
  3. didn't trim the flying geese, and
  4. don't try to put an off center block together with the two sets of flying geese (I did it, but much faster to take them apart.
Here is a picture of some of the trimming along the way.

Helpful hint#1:  
 When paper piecing, you can glue the first piece to the paper to keep it in place, easier than dealing with pins.  For this project, I "chain-glued" - glued all the 8 points at one time.

Helpful hint #2:
When trimming squares you can trim on two sides at once, and if you have a turntable mat, this is a good time to use it!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Fling Update - a week later

This post is a little late but, I did want to share a little of what spring fling is like.          

As usual, it seems like a lot of packing for spring fling. I brought an ironing board and iron to share, as well as, my sewing machine, clothing and projects.  There's also an extra large bag of scraps from last year, which will eventually become a benefit quilt.  Not the best picture, but here's what the back of my Rav4 looked like with just my stuff in it.

We arrived and the weather was gorgeous.  It was nearly 50° and the sky was so blue.  The sun, snow, shadows and sky were truly inspiring.  I loved the shadow of the trees on Lake Winnipesaukee, in NH.  The house is a modest - a camp called Geneva Point - but sleeps 20, 2 to a room with a bathroom in each room.  The downstairs has two large rooms; one with a fireplace where we setup 10 tables, 2 people per table.  We also have cutting and ironing stations around that room (and snacks too).  The other room has tables we use for our dinners (catered/brought in for 2 nights) and projects where you might want a design wall or need to spread out.  It is not luxurious, but, it has everything what we need for the weekend and some mighty good views - mountains nearby and the beautiful lake.  Most years there is still some ice on the lake when we arrive.  This year, we had a little snow (10" on Saturday).

I got a fair amount done.  I worked hard on two quilts which are very nearly complete tops.  I also worked a little on some Sew Together bags that were previously cut out for a class sample.

The first quilt I focused on was "Heading South", a pattern by Material Girl Quilts.  I won this pattern a year or so ago, as I did some of the fat quarters.  I merged them with a few other pieces I had left and voila, here is my version.  I expect borders, but didn't do that during the weekend.

Displaying the quilt on the upstairs bannister.

The second quilt that I spent a lot of time on, I refer to as my "typewriter quilt".  It has quite a few novelty fabrics (typewriters, glasses, old fashioned typewriter keys, and text messaging abbreviations.  I am pretty excited about one piece of the the plan I have for the quilting.  It too needs borders and here's how far I got mostly because I left a piece home - ARGHHH.

Testing out the newspaper border

Testing out a gray inner border, still waiting for
 bubblegum pink fabric for the one row

Friday, April 7, 2017

Blooming quilters

As I mentioned on March 11th, I am a part of the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers group.  We are led by Yvonne @quiltingjetgirlLeanne @she can quilt, Beth @Cooking Up Quilts.  We have been using Slack to share ideas about blogging and to learn tips and tricks.  We have been split into 3 groups, each with a queen!  Yvonne is our leader and the hive  is calling themselves the Blooming Quilters!
We each get a turn to showcase our blog.  Mine comes up the first week in May (better check the exact date) and I will be linking to my hivemates blogs in their weeks.