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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quarterly Goals - 2018 FAL Q2

Goal #1: Island Batik Vintage Made New
Top is done, needs to be sandwiched, quilted, bound
(Fabric was given to me by Island Batik)

Goal#2:  IAQ/Island Batik 2 for one project
I can't say much more but it will need to be sandwiched and quilted.
(Fabric was given to me by Island Batik)

 Goal #3:  Grandmother's Flower Garden
It is an antique I rescued and the quilting is done.  It just needs binding but the 
edges need to be trimmed too.

 Goal #4:  Applique Rose of Sharon
Finish applique, sandwich, quilt, bind

Goal#5 Typewriter Quilt
 Quilt, make binding, label

I think these will keep me out of trouble!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

First Quarter Goals - #2018FALQ1

So I did it - I finished all my first quarter goals! If you aren't familiar with this group, please jump over to Beth at She Can Quilt.  Everything you to need to know is right there.  My list was three quilts to get done....and I did...HAPPY DANCE.💃  I'm grateful to the three sites that keep me honest and am pleased to see my quarterly report completed.  

The first finish was in January and was My Funky Pine Trees.  Here is the blog where I listed as a goal and here is the completed blog entry.  I'll leave you with before and after pictures - just to keep it all honest.

Funky Pine Trees before finish
Funky Pine Trees, completed

Next up was the baby quilt, Fancy Forrest.  It is now named "Fancy Forerest Deux" and has been given to a coworker who is expecting her first son in May. I am doing a happy dance for both quilt and baby!  Here is its before entry and the finish entry.

Finished "Fancy Forrest Deux"
Before Fancy Forrest

And last, but not least is the loon.  My father always recited something from Pogo about the the loon - which I remember the line as "and only the loon is lorne".  I love the finish product and it will hang somewhere in our Maine Cottage.  Here is the  before blog and the after blog!

Before finish - some work done on it
Finished Quilt

And at the time I knew I would be doing some Batik Ambassador pieces but not much more - three of those were completed too!  Its been a good run for the beginning of the year.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

March UFO Done - OMG Finish and APQResolution

This quilt has spend a couple of years on my UFO lists but, happily, I can report that it is finished.  This quilt was for my OneMonthlyGoal and my APQResolution2018 lists and my #2018FALQ1.  I bought the pattern years ago (probably 10) but who's counting.  It took me a long time to find the fabrics for the loon and I think they are nearly perfect!  And then, I just hesitated or procrastinated or was too afraid to start the technique on my own.
The pattern is from Joan Shay whose technique is called Petal Play Appli-bond©.  This pattern is  called Loon and Water Lilies.   More about her technique and patterns are available at her website.  
You use HeatnBond©Ultra Hold and use this between two layers of one fabric.  The HeatnBond allows you to attach the pieces and they can hold there shape(like the petals) or hang loose(like the feathers) or twist the like reeds.  For instance, the petals are bonded once, then you press for a few seconds and curl them!  They hold their curl.   Joan also sells something called AppliBond needles which are able to go through the HeatNBond and fabric - they seem to have a three-pointed needle (I am imaging that leather needles are like this).  I do love that I had this bright pink in a number of shades and blended them with the flowers.  The feathers, however are my favorite part.

So, this completes my OMG and my APQ Resolution for March.  YIPPEE!

Linking up to:  Elm Street Quilts/One Monthly Goal

Quilt stats:
"Loon on a Lake"  22x33
Pattern:  Loon and Water Lilies by Joan Shay

Next months project will be up soon.   I expect it may be finishing a piece I am working on today in Paula Nadelstern's class.  It is a great class - take it if you ever get the chance.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

OMG January Finish - My Funky Pine Trees

"My Funky Pine Trees" table runner is done.  I am glad as it has been a UFO for quite some time.  This was both my One Monthly Goal and one of my UFOs for my APQResolution and my 2018FQLAQ1.    I have to confess, some of those fabrics have been favorites of mine for a long time.  I loved using them again, and for many of them, it is their last appearance.

I heard Beth Helfter at Rising Star Quilters Guild many moons ago.  I bought the pattern, I did a little and then I got stuck.  I don't think the style is really me; that was what made it hard.  I like it done a whole lot more than I liked it half way done.  Trying new things, learning new techniques, new approaches is something I like to do.   I have never put jewels on a quilt before, but I rather like it.  I did it the simple way with Swarovski flatback crystals, like these and an embellishing glue.  I used my tweezers to place them.  Worked rather well, if I may say so.

Here are its stats:
My Funky Christmas Trees
17" x 42"
Batting:  Quilter's Dream Request
Machine Applique Thread:  YLI Machine Quilting 50 wt, #12V Jewel
Pieced and quilted by:  Kathleen Scargle McCormick

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Friday, January 12, 2018

First Quarter Goals - #2018FALQ1

This first quarter is a busy one for me!  Some of you know I moved from our house of 22 years to an apartment (still have a sewing studio).  Well, this little company that I do some consulting for is moving the end of February and I am in charge of helping coordinate some pieces of the move.  This week has felt like I lost a lot of time, but its the weekend and I am going to use it.

If you aren't familiar with this group, please jump over to Beth at She Can Quilt.  Everything you to need to know is right there! Basically, we list our goals in the beginning of the quarter and at the end of the quarter 'fess up to what we have/not accomplished.  I am going light as I think 3 may be it.

As I was thinking of this I felt like a little Gilbert and Sullivan....

I've got a little list
I've got a little list
Of society offenders undone quilting projects 
Who might well be underground forgotten
And never But would surely be missed
They never would surely be missed

1.  Wonky Christmas Tree Table Runner

2.  Loon - on my UFO list for 3 years:
Attach lily pads, grass, flower

3. Fancy Forest

Also, I will have one other project to do, and I am not sure of its deadline, so it will be fun to see what the 2018 Island Batik Ambassadors will do.  

That's it for now....

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Organized!!! - Another Finish for the 4th Quarter!

This was my closet before last week.  I had an organizer (Erin Bonner of Erin Does) come and help me finish getting things into place.   I was feeling like I would never get it done, and contacted Jenn at Find Your Floor but wanted someone sooner.  She referred me to Erin and we are on a roll.  The whole thing was  overwhelming me and I thought this would be worthwhile. I am so pleased with the progress!!  If your looking for someone in the Boston area (Cambridge/Somerville/Medford/etc) these women are great. This was a part of my 2017Q4FAL, which you can see here.

First up is my nicely organized bookshelf.  Mostly quilting books on the bottom 2 shelves, some memorabilia on the next two, and the top has miscellaneous folders, and a few Christmas things that never made it into the Christmas box last year.  On the bottom left corner you can see the door into the closet, and my knitting basket with current projects.

Next up you will see a few pictures of the closet.  All of the interior closet pictures are a little distorted, as they were shot in pano mode. First up in the closet is the top shelf.  Hoops for hand quilting, my Bernina travel bag with bed risers ready for a retreat, some miscellaneous fabric, some completed quilts/pillows, waiting for a home, and my mac box.

This next shelf has strips in the black boxes, ribbons and wrapping paper in the next box, some more memorabilia, which is next up for sorting, and some knitting and other projects on the far right.

 This grouping below has knitting needles, sewing tools in the black drawers, projects in the the next two plastic bins and a nearly finished project in the pink bag, and then some quilting stencils and bags in the corner (oh and a yarn swift, too).

This last part of the closet is FUN!  it is a narrow section, but holds a lot of things:  on the the bottom is a set of draweres with  more tools, some teaching projects and then some scraps!

Just so you don't think there isn't any fabric, here are a few shots of the cabinets and their contents in my study.  One cabinet has fabric and a file drawer with patterns, rulers, etc.  The file drawer is still a work in progress.

These next two are cabinets nearer my desk and have a variety of things in them:  notecards, ironing essentials, project boxes, then some bags of projects, precuts and finally some batting and fabric collections waiting for a project.

While a couple of these things keep getting moved around I feel like I am really nearly there!!  Hallelujah.  I will show you the desk and sewing area, once the walls are a little more dressed, but I am thrilled that I can now work and find things so easily and there really is a place for everything.  Another bonus - many projects are identified and the list keeps getting smaller...nothing new until I get through a few of the longstanding ufos!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Finish #2 for the quarter, Free Fall QAL

It was a terrific feeling to finish this quilt.  I wanted it ready for our quilt show, in the middle of October and it was.  It was part of my goals for this quarter for the 2017FALQ4; you can see them all here.  We had a family death and so I was unable to be at the show, but was out of the country.  In my hurry to get things done and delivered to friends, I forgot to take pictures of this quilt.  As I have a quilt made of these fabrics on my bed, I felt as though this deserved to be in someone's home that loved it.  It found a buyer a the show - I was thrilled.

The quilting was pretty intense for me.  It was all straight line, and I used a darker thread in the green leaf and a light thread in the the background.  I loved the effect and was pleased that I stuck with it. 

Here's the way we label our quilts at the show  We get to write a little description to tell people about the quilt.  Of course we could go on forever, but we are limited to 50 words or so.

This pictures shows my label.  I had this fantastic aboriginal print, that was just lovely for the background.  I often do my labels the same way, framing them, and you can see more about that here.

Thanks to my quilting friend, Sandra at MMM! Quilts for designing a great quilt and hosting a fun QAL.  

Here's how the end of the year list is looking:

2017FAL4Q List:  3 to go!!!!
1. Free Fall Quilt Along 
2.  Alphabet Quilt
3.  Sew Together bags
4.  Petal Play Loon 
5.  Organized sewing room

All people quilt UFOs   (so 7 out of 12 are done!!)
1.  Grey batik flying geese
2.  Petal Play Loon
3.  Raw Edge Tree Runner
4.  Row by Row #3 (is this for real, one more??)
5.  Sew Together Bags

Here's hoping for a stellar finish - I think the Sew Together Bags will be done as well.  An organizer is coming Tuesday to help with #5 the Sewing room,  as the Raw Edge Tree Runner and the others just depend if I get any momentum.  I really didn't expect the move to last so long or the disruptions to be so pervasive but the are!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

One finish (actually 2, but the second will be a later entry)

set a goal for the 2017 Finish-Along 4th Quarter to finish 5 things, 2 are done.  Today, I'll share a little more about my quilt called "Alphabet Fun"; you can see my list of 4th quarter projects for the 2017FALQ4 here.

This is the second version of this quilt.  I simply loved the colors and the animals that were depicted in the panels.  This was a little simpler and someone bought it at Rising Star Quilters Show, earlier this month.

I decided to stipple quilt.  It wasn't really for anyone special and I knew that it would get done quickly, that way.  It was good practice and on the whole I was pleased with it.  Maybe it was a little more quilting than I normally do, but it made me happy.  

Here's the label.  I no longer live in Somerville, but the house wasn't yet sold, so it is one of the last quilts that will say Somerville on them. The other
secret to getting this done quickly is to have binding on hand!  I keep some black binding available for quick quilts and I do bind a few in black every year.  

Have to post this picture.  Percy is always helpful when you are trying to get a shot.  

I am not so sure how the end of the year will go, but here are some of my goals.  

2017FAL4Q List:  3 to go!!!!
1. Free Fall Quilt Along 
2.  Alphabet Quilt
3.  Sew Together bags
4.  Petal Play Loon 
5.  Organized sewing room

All people quilt UFOs   (so 7 out of 12 are done!!)
1.  Grey batik flying geese
2.  Petal Play Loon
3.  Raw Edge Tree Runner
4.  Row by Row #3 (is this for real, one more??)
5.  Sew Together Bags

Next up - Free Fall QAL finish