Saturday, October 7, 2017

2017 FAL (Finish Along) Q4 - Joining in the Fun

For those of you following me here is where we are:  the house is under agreeement and closing on October 27th.  We have ALL our furniture and my quilting room is in reasonable (not finshed) shape.  I can work now pretty freely.

So, I am turning my mind to what I will finish in the 4th Quarter.  I am not counting the already finished but needing a label quilt!

1.  Free Falling Leaves - quilting, binding, labels, hanging sleeves

2.  The alphabet quilt:  Hand binding, sleeve and label

3.  2 Sew together bags - some construction done, but they just need to be finished

4.  The Loon - some construction done:  Assembled, quilted, bound and labeled.

5.  And finally, finish organizing my space. 

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