Tuesday, April 3, 2018

First Quarter Goals - #2018FALQ1

So I did it - I finished all my first quarter goals! If you aren't familiar with this group, please jump over to Beth at She Can Quilt.  Everything you to need to know is right there.  My list was three quilts to get done....and I did...HAPPY DANCE.💃  I'm grateful to the three sites that keep me honest and am pleased to see my quarterly report completed.  

The first finish was in January and was My Funky Pine Trees.  Here is the blog where I listed as a goal and here is the completed blog entry.  I'll leave you with before and after pictures - just to keep it all honest.

Funky Pine Trees before finish
Funky Pine Trees, completed

Next up was the baby quilt, Fancy Forrest.  It is now named "Fancy Forerest Deux" and has been given to a coworker who is expecting her first son in May. I am doing a happy dance for both quilt and baby!  Here is its before entry and the finish entry.

Finished "Fancy Forrest Deux"
Before Fancy Forrest

And last, but not least is the loon.  My father always recited something from Pogo about the the loon - which I remember the line as "and only the loon is lorne".  I love the finish product and it will hang somewhere in our Maine Cottage.  Here is the  before blog and the after blog!

Before finish - some work done on it
Finished Quilt

And at the time I knew I would be doing some Batik Ambassador pieces but not much more - three of those were completed too!  Its been a good run for the beginning of the year.

Linking up to 2018FALQ1!