Monday, April 23, 2018

#365DaysOfArtPBQChallenge Week16, Exercises 106-112

106 Draw the horizon on this grey sky.
We have had an abundance of grey days!  This was one from my living room in Maine (it appears later too).  Enjoyed the minimalism of it.
107 Draw lots of mouths
108 Draw lots of eyes
Dislike these exercises.  They will never be my forte or what I am doing in my creative life.  I also will look at images the next time to help me think of different options!
109 Add the reef by drawing coral, fish and sea life
I had some fun doing this, trying to remember different kinds of sea life.  I rather like the jelly and stingray.
110 Design a pattern using the grid
I like this one a lot.  It was more fun than I have had with other similar exercise.  Maybe its getting easier?
111 Shading can add depth to your drawings
I always like these.  A good reminder of different ways - lines and dots - to do shading.
112 Draw a scene in the window, are you lookin in or out?

I was looking out and it finally is feeling like spring here!  Not so much in bloom yet, but its coming.

Have been away from this for awhile and will try to get back regularly.  My schedule was crazy - with travel for quilting and classes - all great - but I didn't do a lot extra.  I think I will do the ones I complete on some of the crazier weeks!  

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