Saturday, December 2, 2017

Organized!!! - Another Finish for the 4th Quarter!

This was my closet before last week.  I had an organizer (Erin Bonner of Erin Does) come and help me finish getting things into place.   I was feeling like I would never get it done, and contacted Jenn at Find Your Floor but wanted someone sooner.  She referred me to Erin and we are on a roll.  The whole thing was  overwhelming me and I thought this would be worthwhile. I am so pleased with the progress!!  If your looking for someone in the Boston area (Cambridge/Somerville/Medford/etc) these women are great. This was a part of my 2017Q4FAL, which you can see here.

First up is my nicely organized bookshelf.  Mostly quilting books on the bottom 2 shelves, some memorabilia on the next two, and the top has miscellaneous folders, and a few Christmas things that never made it into the Christmas box last year.  On the bottom left corner you can see the door into the closet, and my knitting basket with current projects.

Next up you will see a few pictures of the closet.  All of the interior closet pictures are a little distorted, as they were shot in pano mode. First up in the closet is the top shelf.  Hoops for hand quilting, my Bernina travel bag with bed risers ready for a retreat, some miscellaneous fabric, some completed quilts/pillows, waiting for a home, and my mac box.

This next shelf has strips in the black boxes, ribbons and wrapping paper in the next box, some more memorabilia, which is next up for sorting, and some knitting and other projects on the far right.

 This grouping below has knitting needles, sewing tools in the black drawers, projects in the the next two plastic bins and a nearly finished project in the pink bag, and then some quilting stencils and bags in the corner (oh and a yarn swift, too).

This last part of the closet is FUN!  it is a narrow section, but holds a lot of things:  on the the bottom is a set of draweres with  more tools, some teaching projects and then some scraps!

Just so you don't think there isn't any fabric, here are a few shots of the cabinets and their contents in my study.  One cabinet has fabric and a file drawer with patterns, rulers, etc.  The file drawer is still a work in progress.

These next two are cabinets nearer my desk and have a variety of things in them:  notecards, ironing essentials, project boxes, then some bags of projects, precuts and finally some batting and fabric collections waiting for a project.

While a couple of these things keep getting moved around I feel like I am really nearly there!!  Hallelujah.  I will show you the desk and sewing area, once the walls are a little more dressed, but I am thrilled that I can now work and find things so easily and there really is a place for everything.  Another bonus - many projects are identified and the list keeps getting smaller...nothing new until I get through a few of the longstanding ufos!