Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March UFO #APQresolution

This is a pillow I made from a sample block for a large quilt.  The quilt was being made from a limited number of French fabrics, so I wanted to be sure my changes made sense and worked. The fabrics auditioned like the real ones and I continued with the quilt.  I thought I'd use the block for a pillow.  It uses the same border fabric and the cornerstones are some of the French fabric leftovers.  

The pillow form is a little small but it does still make me happy.  I also love that this fabric was waiting to join the rooster on the front! I'm sure a chicken lover will love this pillow!


  1. It can be so smart to make sample blocks. And what a happy combination of prints!

    1. It helped me realize a few changes I needed to make, as I reduced the size of the block.

  2. What a great block and pillow! I've yet to make that block! Looking forward to your intro post next week with the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers!

  3. Thank you, Paige. I look forward to your posts too. I'm catching up from a "Spring Fling" - sewing retreat - but realized I was a bit behind on my comments/replies. I'm up in a few weeks so I have some time to think. Got a little behind being away...scheduling a blog or two would have been good!