Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A finished top #FreeFallQAL

My Free Fall Quilt Along project is done, well the top is done.  "Done" is a funny term for quilts, as there are often many stages of done in getting to the the finished quilt.  Here are a few things quilters consider a quilt done:  
  1. finishing the blocks, 
  2. piecing the blocks together, 
  3. sometimes adding borders, 
  4. quilting the quilt, 
  5. adding the binding,
  6. putting the label on - NOW IT IS REALLY DONE! 

I really love the way it turned out.  I hope to get it basted so I can quilt soon, but am traveling this weekend, so it won't happen until next week at the earliest.   I have a few ideas about quilting it, but haven't really settled on the plan just yet.

Thank you, Sandra @ mm quilts for a great QAL.  It was fun to see what others choose and an unexpected project that I really enjoyed - using up my stash/scraps is one of my goals this year - and I love this little quilt.

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Things I am working on:

April and May UFOs (a little late on April)
-Prepping M3 (Meadow Mist Mystery) Quilt for quilting on 5/23
-finish shashiko block and make pillow cover

-pick some colors for La Passacagalia
-begin animal alphabet quilt
-label a few quilts (I think there are about 4 needing labels)


  1. This is a great finished top - love the colours you have used. How are you planning on quilting it?

    1. Not sure yet, I always stabilize some of the big lines then make my decision. I am thinking lines over the leaves in the green in a green thread but I am not sure.... It's a small quilt so I will try to challenge myself in some way!

  2. Your Freefall is very lovely; the colors are so soothing. You have some fun things lined up on your list. Looking forward to seeing your progress on them!

    1. Thanks, Wendy. Off to teach a Finish It Up Class, ironic isn't it! I won't be quilting for a few days but look forward to next week and getting back to it!

  3. It looks wonderful, Kathleen! Do you have thoughts on adding a border or how you might finish it?

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! I haven't yet decided on the quilting. No border as I don't have enough of anything I want to use. I don't have a plan but I am thinking I want to emphasize either the individual leaves or the large leaf. I may have to stablize the quilt and see if it tells me anything! I also know there is the making veins in the leaves, but I have done that numerous times, so we'll see where I get inspired! Wont get to it until next week at earliest.

  4. Your top is wonderful, I love the colors/fabric you chose. Unfortunately for me, my Juki decided to take a break from me so I won't be able to sew mine until next week.