Monday, June 5, 2017

Main Crush Monday - new fabric!!!

I ordered some new fabric.

French Table Cloth Fabric

Isn't it gorgeous.  Alewives Fabric was showing this and it is terrific with my colors in my island cottage.  I may even order a shorted length for daily use!  I am so excited.  Can't wait to hem this even though it is not on my UFO list.  It will be a quick job and I'll share my tips for hemming long pieces of fabric.  Its so great and if you ever do curtains, etc. it is a real time saver!

I also ordered this fabric for some napkins and I am so pleased with this choice.

Again, another great match.  I almost bought a rug in that color, but decided to go with the neutral, which will let me throw more colors in the room if I choose to change out the curtains, etc.  I'll make these for company but they too, will be fun to have.

This week I don't have too many other commitments, so I hope that I can attack a few items on this little list.

June UFO or One Monthly Goal(OMG) 
Make and quilt Alewives Rows by Row from last year (table runner)

-finish hand sewing binding  and label M3 Quilt
-pick some colors for La Passacagalia (carry over)
-cut out animal alphabet quilt 
-label a few quilts (carry over)

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  1. Nice fabric purchase! As for me and my Minus 100 Yard Challenge, I have fallen, those darn Memorial Day Sales.

  2. Oops! Well I figure if it's fabric for decorating that doesn't count as stash! Of course, I now remember I also bought fabric for placemats at home.

  3. Such pretty fabric, and so nice that it goes well in your island cottage (which sounds so lovely to say, by the way). Am interested in your hemming tip!

    1. Hemming tip will have to wait until after Saturday, left my fabric behind in ME. It is a really helpful thing to for it.

  4. The colors in your fabric are so pretty, ones I am always drawn to. I made drapes for our dining and living rooms and hemming is the most difficult (for me) part. I'll be interested in your tips! Thanks for linking to MCM!

    1. Thanks for your comment and the hemming tip will be on the blog early next week. I had to leave my fabric behind in ME but am returning Saturday and think we have less housework to do. It makes a HUGE difference.