Thursday, June 15, 2017

Too much stuff...and too many quilts to quilt!

I have been busy lately and away from a bit of my sewing.  We have made the decision to sell the house we have been in for nearly 24 years and move to a smaller apartment.  My son and his frat brother/brewing partner will get an apartment and we will all be quite happy in the end.  In the interim, it feels like a bit of work.

I am feeling like this is where the biggest problem in the house is for me:

Yes, this is the current state of my study.

There are 4, no 5,  quilts to be quilted:
1.  Fancy Forrest version 2
2.  Free Fall QAL
3.  Typewriter quilt
4.  Grandmother's flower garden (antique rescue)
5. String quilt from Spring Fling Remnants in 2016

I am panicking a bit, but know things will work out.  I am looking forward to getting things in better shape and keeping only one quilting and one piecing project going.  It will be awhile until I get there, but I do hope to have projects quilted before the move.  I think this also means thinking about what to keep, sell or give away of my finished projects.  God help me!


  1. I think we all find ourselves in this boat at some point. I think I pretty much live on this boat, but one step at a time, even small steps you will get there. Nothing like a move to force one to clean.

    1. Thanks, Tish! I have no doubt that is what will happen. Saturday is my first chance at some small steps. I have been reducing stash but the "bag lady" problem continues. I think not working at the quilt store will curb some of this!

  2. Take a deep breath and take one step at a time. Just keep moving forward. Hope the moving process goes well for you. We've thought about moving now that we are empty-nesters, but the thought does seem overwhelming. --Andrea

    1. Thanks, Andrea. I will breathe and go step by step. Starting with quilting a little this Saturday and then cleaning one shelf. My goal for the next available time!