Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Partners in Design Presents.....Fall into a QAL!

Quilting friends who met in the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers group launched a succesful QAL last year - I Wish You a Merry QAL.  We decided to continue and in so doing, branded ourselves Partners in Design.  We design in many ways - some design the blocks, some their quilts and others just are generally helpful.  Many of the designers who participated last year are participating this year.  

Introducing our new theme:   Fall!  

Like last year, you will get directions for 12 blocks and some possible settings.  The block designers are listed below with the weeks their blocks are released and also if they are a host or not.

Abbie at Sparkle On (Host + Block 11 Designer)
April at JANDA Bend Quilts (Host + Block 2 Designer)
Bobbi at Snowy Days Quilting  (Host + Block 7 Designer)
Jennifer at The Inquiring Quilter (Host + Block 8 Designer)
Karen at Tu-na Quilts, Travels and Eats (Host + Block 9 Designer)
Kathleen at KathleenMcMusing  (Block 5 Designer)<---that's me
Sandra at Sandra Healy Designs (Block 10 Designer)
Sandy at Sandy Star Designs (Block 4 Designer)
Sherry at Powered by Quilting Host + Block 3 & 6 Designer)
Vanda at Quilt in Piece  (Host + Block 1 & 12 Designer)

Here are some of the particulars:

Theme:                        Fall
Dates of QAL:            May 15, 2018 through October 16, 2018
Blocks Schedule:        Every 2 weeks, 12 total
Settings Released:      October 16, 2018
Final Quilt Due:         November 13, 2018
Hosts:                          There are 7 and they are listed below
Fabric:                        These are approximations based on 12 blocks, 2"lattice, 6" border (56x70)
                                                    Scrappy will work!
                                     Blocks: 6 fat quarters (or scraps)  2 dark, 2 medium, 2 light [minimum]
                                     Background:   1/2-1 yard
                                     Lattice: 1 yard
                                     Border: 1 yard or length of quilt if you like straight of grain
                                     Binding: 3/4 yard
                                     Backing:  3 yards pieced or 4 yards for one seam

What else do you need to know:  
WHO?                Anyone who can sew! 
WHY?                TO have fun, win prizes, make a quilt or some blocks
WHERE?           Join the  Facebook group OR follow on Instagram #fallintoaQAL
HOW?                Post a completed block/quilt picture on facebook or instagram #fallintoaQAL
WHEN?              Usually by Monday 11:59pm EST 13 days after release of block

Below are some of the prizes that will be awarded (open to international quilters too!). Blocks and prizes for the particular block are announced at the same time.  As with many of the QALs (quilt alongs) more prizes are often added as we go.   Each block will have its own prize and then a Grand Prize for a quilt that is complete (all 12 blocks - top only is fine).  

To keep the contest portion of the quilt-along fair and fun for everyone, only quilts that use all of the designers' blocks will be eligible for prizes. Slight variations are okay, but substituting another block will disqualify you from the giveaway.

So we hope you join in,
share with your friends,
and have fun!!