Thursday, February 16, 2017

A finish and a challenge for me.

We have had quite a bit of snow.

The last time I anticipated snow, I ran to my LQS - Cambridge Quilt Shop - and picked up some batting and pin basted my 9 patch quilt.   It was a design I worked on on EQ7, something I am trying to do more of.

This quilt is made up of 4"squares left from a prior project.  The background blues are two different pieces; one for the 9-patches and one for the plain squares.  This was on a list of UFO's for 2016, but got pushed into 2017, nothing too difficult I just ran out of time in late 2016.

The good news was that in October I purchased a ruler foot set for my domestic machine, a Bernina 440 QE.  They are available from Sew Steady, but I purchased through another LQS, Bits n Pieces in Pelham NH (one of the vendors at Rising Star Quilters in the fall).  I attended a workshop in January (I think) and was inspired to quilt this quilt with these rulers.

It was fun! Mostly the techniques required some registration marks and planning around how it was going to fit.   I used both the Ruler Starter Set (which comes with the foot to use against the rulers) and the Sampler Template Set 1.  I varied the design in the finished quilt.  Here's some pictures of what I did.

This was my first design with the 12"arc template
This one used the clam shell on both inside and outside edge of the border.

This one used the Spiral.  You can see I missed a little on following the guide.  Chalk it up to the learning curve.

I highly recommend learning to use the rulers.  There  are some videos too if you are curious about these on you tube with aa link for the clam shell.  Have fun exploring!

I'll post a finish picture when I finish the binding and label - but all in all I consider this a Feb Finish, and my third UFO for 2017.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

One last page on the 2016 up 2017 list

I thought it would be fun to see this list from the UFO Challenge in 2016.  My prior post you can see the pictures relating to a lot of these projects.  The two that finished in January 2017 will be shown in the next blog and are both done!  

Somehow time keeps escaping me, but hoping for a productive, though short February.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

2016 Finishes

I am proud to list my 2016 finishes.

I participated in the 2016 APQ UFO challenge and finished 6 in 2016 and 2 the first month of 2016.  Those 2 are not listed here.

One of the things that happens to me is that projects creep up due to a new pattern or idea or wanting to teach something new at the LQS, Cambridge Quilt Shop.  One example is the Fancy Forrest Quilt. The story goes like this:  A new pattern arrives at the store....  OH  AH  must have it to make someday....  Then, I think, hmmm maybe I'll make a store sample.  Suddenly, I remember a special baby arriving and say that baby is getting this quilt.  And, there goes the distraction and a new project is added to the list.

Without much further ado, here is the 2016 list.
 Diva Wallet
2 Cuddledown blankets/siblings blanket
Peasant Blouse
Jonathan hat #2 (knitting)
Label Park Bench, Plaid Quilt
Christmas Stars
Casco Bay Pillows
Placemats for Jodi
Row by Row #1 - Maine…
the way life should be
Maipoison, French Swoon
Fancy Forrest 
AKA Amazing Animal Forrest
Toile Quilt
Red/white/Black doll quilt
Solid leftovers baby quilt
Row by row pennants tablerunner
Fall Leaf Applique
12’ block RSQ

Many of the pictures are on my blog but I did put together this little slide show.  I will try to figure out a way to embed this, but for now, here they are!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Percy Doodle, a finished mini quilt

Here's a little quilt I made last year.  I saw a call from Made by Marney for pictures of dogs.  I sent her one of mine and she turned him into a pattern.   Her version is in grey but it kept Percy's name.  I had fun gathering some fabrics from my stash and creating this likeness of our  wonderful dog.  This was not on my to do list, but I was so thrilled when she turned his picture into a pattern.  You can see her rendition and the picture I sent her here.  You may notice a watermark on the picture.  This is one of the things that slowed me up on my blog.   I decided I don't have to be consistent with it, but I will try to do this more often, and get better at it (I know the color is nearly impossible to see). 

There are two fun features on this quilt.  One is that I did a two fabric binding, from another blog that I follow sewfreshquilts.  It was easy and I love finish.  The back isn't quite perfect, but I'll get it there.

 And finally, there is this new label.  I saw ones that Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl ordered and I was hooked.  I had different labels before but never this many.  I ordered them from Kim @Tagtopia and they came promptly.  This is the first quilt I added them to and while I will do other labels by hand, I also love the idea of adding these.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Planning for the New Year

I admit to falling behind in 2016, but I am set to approach 2017 with new energy and commitment.

I did a massive reorganization of my lists and am entering them into the planner.  I found that there are probably not enough quilt planner pages, so I may need to add in a few more as the year goes on.  Another approach is to only use those for the original projects, so I stopped entering and turned to this....

Shorter Term/Actionable Goals
Join the #APQResolution2017 (2 carryovers from 2016 will join this list)
Plan one quilt a every 3 months with EQ7 - using up 4 stash fabric piles
Post weekly on my blog
Post one tutorial in even months
Attend on major quilt show
Work with 1-2 patterns to produce or submit in the fall
Quilt the Antique Grandmother Flower Garden

Big Picture Goals
Adventures with the new retiree-my husband
Let go of quilt/craft tools I am not using
Learn some new skills in social media/publishing
Get to some of the household organizing projects

Here's what my desk looks like in this process - planning tools, sewing project and nail polish and remover.  A lot of things taking up a little space.  I thought I'd be quilting this week, but again too many things have gotten in the way.  I'm grateful for some of them and saddened by a few others.  I am learning to carve out time again for me and this is a big help scheduling all the quilting plans and some other organizing plans too.

In January, I'll catch up my blog with a few of my projects that I did accomplish while not paying attention to my blog.  I never expected having my son back from college and my husband deciding to retire to take up so much of my time!

Monday, July 4, 2016

A baby quilt and sibling comfort blankets

It's been a few busy days.  I had finished the baby quilt awhile back, but decide that the sibs should have comfort blankets too.  Also, the quilt needed a label, so I have quite a bit to show.

First, the newborn's quilt....Amazing Animal Forest.

And the label....

And the comfort quilts for Grace and Brody....the sibs who have a big job ahead of them.

They are made with Cuddle and double gauze and were pretty quick to make.  I did break two sewing machine needles, but it wasn't too bad.  I enjoyed the process and will make more of these I am sure.  I did vacuum right after I cut the cuddle, which helped keep the bits from blowing around the sewing room.  It was a great project and I am glad that I did it.  

Now to pack them up to give away.   I hope they enjoy them!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Where have I been??? UFO done....

Where have I been indeed?  I have been to my son's graduation.  Yes, I am the proud Mama of a Johns Hopkins graduate this year.  So, we went to Baltimore at the end of May for the ceremony and to meet some of his friends.  It was a delightful trip and yes, we are glad not to be empty nesters and have him home for some time.

But, it seems to have helped in the derailment of me keeping up with my quilting, along with that part-time job that I mentioned.  So, I need to restructure my days, but it is happening, so I can get to this once a week and celebrate quilting (and other things).

I did finish my #APQResolution UFO for the month.  Fortunately it was a small one, a doll quilt from scraps from a twister quilt I did some time ago.  Not much, but it is done.  In some ways, this is what it is about, getting UFOs done and off the list.


I did finish another little quilt.  It will go for auction in the fall at the Rising Star Quilt Guild show October 14 and 15th at St. Brigid's Church in Lexington, MA.  It was made with scraps from our spring fling challenge and were just too cute to abandon.  It is about 12" square and just right for the auction.