Sunday, February 25, 2018

#365DaysOfArtPBQChallenge Week 8, #50-56

#50:  Design a pattern from the grid.  
I so wanted this to be spectacular.  First attempt got screwed up.  Then I used my colored pencils and was getting an idea about a tessellating design.  Didn't get there, but liked it better

#51: Add patterns to the vases
I enjoyed this one.  Not spectacular, but fun.

#52:  Continue the pattern

These are always fun. I really want to get some watercolors to enjoy these a bit more.

#53:  Design a pair of trousers
Good thing I didn't pursue fashion design.  Rainbow pants are everyone's favorite...NOT.

 #54: Add trees to the forest
I liked this one.  Some of the trees don't quite fit, but I had fun with them.

#55:  What has the pen just finished drawing
I thought writing so this is what I am thinking.

#56:  Fill the bowl with a mixture of colorful fresh fruit

Kind of enjoyed this, but feeling like I should add a few more.

Well not the best, but not the worst!  It was a busy week professionally, so to get this done in the in between time felt good.   This week will be more relaxed and I may get some of these things I'd like to have...a calligraphy pen or watercolors.

Also, expecting to finish my OMG...keep your fingers crossed!

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