Sunday, February 4, 2018

#365DaysOfArtPBQChallenge, Week 5, #29-35

 Day 29:  Explore colors that look good together
Well this was right up my alley.  Love this exercise and could do pages and pages of it.  

Day 30:  Add details to the flowers, use cut out pieces if you like or other material.  
Didn't love this one, and didn't feel like getting other types of material. I think I felt limited by the already drawn flowers.

 Day 31:  Draw your desk or table, any materials.....the table, whats on top, etc.
I kind of enjoyed this one.  My ironing board with a quilt that was on it and its new ironing cover.  Not actually orange and green but I didn't have a good way to depict the white and beige cover.

 Day 21:  Add foliage to the rest of the trees
 (leaves, abstract shapes to suggest form of tree)
Some of my trees were more successful than others, some were more fun to draw than others.
Not patient enough to draw a lot of leaves that night.

 Day 33:  Draw a page of stars in any style you like
Liked doing the stars.  Loved the funky orange one in the center of the page.

 Day 34:  Continue practicing calligraphy by using the page to explore mark making.
I am using a paint brush marker for these, not the best.  I do know how to do calligraphy, so I should get a few markers to do a little.

Day 35:  Complete the pattern
This was fun, although free hand circles are not my thing but I loved this one.  

You can expect a few other blogs from me this week: One Monthly Goal, Opening of the My First Island Batik box, and a Squiggle update!  

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