Monday, March 19, 2018

#365DaysOf ArtPBQChallenge - Week 11 - Exercises 71-77

71:  Add shadows to the glass bottles.  Try different ways of drawing them.
I found this one to be fun.  Not sure I found a lot of different ways of drawing them.

72:  Create a design or pattern
I enjoyed this one too.  Did a rather larger design as I had less time than I would have liked, but I found it pretty much fun.

73:  Add trees to this half page.
I took Sherry's approach and did the trunks first this time.  I liked that better.

74:Draw the weather today.
Good thing it was a sunny day with clouds.  The nor'easter this week would have been blank!  I really just gave this a passing sketch - very fast and not really dark enough.

75:Draw something that you have seen today.
OK - I did this Sunday not Friday when we were in Maine.  A bit of the coastline - I am no Winslow Homer-  but I liked doing it.

76.  Draw an object using colored pencils.  Use the background as a mid-tone.  Use light colors to draw the highlights and darker colors to draw the shadows.
I did a strawberry.  I enjoyed this but the lights were hard to get to work. I think this may be my best work this week.

77:  Explore colors that look good together.  Fill in with colors that work well as a group.
Of course, I would like this - whats not to like about working with color for a quilter.

All in all, a pretty good week in the drawing world. I do need to take these pictures as I go and in the daylight.  My apologies.

In my quilting life:
I worked on quilt with a new technique for my #IslandBatikAmbassador as well as working on my OMG - the loon.  I am nearly finished both, so we'll see which I blog about first!

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