Sunday, March 11, 2018

#365DaysOfArtPBQChallenge Week 10, Exercises 64-70

64:  Continue to add flowers to the meadow:  I enjoyed this, but didn't feel like drawing a lot, should have been using my markers.

65:  Calligraphy practice:  Joining thin and thick strokes in a U:  Finally got a few calligraphy pens.  This was ok, but somehow maybe the wrong letters for me.  Certainly got the hang of it, but drawing U's that way felt artificial.

66: Fill the squares with different marks:  Loved doing this one.  Took some inspiration from things in the room, some from things I have been seeing or think of for quilting patterns.

67:  Complete the pattern:  I enjoyed this.  Used better pens for this, so it was easier, the inner circles got a little harder as I got sloppy with the squares.

68:Using  black fineliner, draw your hand.  I suggest you draw the hand that is drawing. Start by drawing the nib of the pen, then work up:  I rather liked this one, but not the pen.  Its a little off but not bad for drawing with a pen.

69:  Continue creating your own patterns.  Select cool, calming colors:  Adored doing this.  Just having more and more fun with patterns.  Why is that not surprising?

70: Experiment with different art materials to discover what you enjoy using.  Today, use colored pencils to create different marks.  Try using the side of the nib to create broader lines, and blending different colors.  Apply more or less pressure to change the intensity.   This was fun.  I got some other kinds of colored pens, that I can wet with water, and they were used in this exercise.  Really like the overlapping rainbow at the bottom.

Not a bad week - patterns are getting easier, but repetitive tasks sometimes don't engage my thoughts.

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